5527 Park Ave., Kansas City, MO 64130

Beds:Bath: 1
Price: 22,900


Solid 2 Bed 1 Bath in Midtown KC

Exterior Features:
Good Roof – Nice Exterior Paint – SolidStone Foundation – Fenced in Yard & Covered Front Porch

Interior Features:
Fresh Interior Paint Throughout -Newer Carpeting – Good Kitchen Cabinets and Functioning Bathroom

Mechanical Features:
Gas Furnace, Hot Water Heater, PexPlumbing, and working Electrical

Financial Details:
Estimated Monthly Rent: $600/month
Estimated Annual Income: $7,200/yr
Annual Taxes: $387/year
Estimated Homeowners Insurance:$600/yr
10% Annual Property Management:$720/yr
6% Maintenance and Vacancy: $432/yr

NET ROI = 22%

For more info call 913-710-8872